Recent Work

Alive-My Way

Artwork made for the song My Way by the band Alive.

Evol Motion

Logo design for an inovative young vehicle engineer from France.

The mission was to make the logo distinct and recognizable in a large automotive industry while preserving a sense of dynamic and movement.

Ecrivain Public

Logo Design for a writer with experience and class.

The logo clearly represents what the business is about but at the same time shows the charm and character of the person behind it

La Portion Magique

Logo Design for an organic zero waste shop.

The design captures a sense of connection with nature and the fragile state of plants and our sorroundings. It is our responosbility to take care of the only home we have.


Logo design for a community in Switzerland.

The goal of the project was to represent the community which is surounded by mountains and green fields. The logo captures a sense of warmth and connection with nature while keeping it’s simplicity and distinctiveness.


Logo for an indie electronic band from Croatia.

The design captures the electronic element that characterises the bands modern music style.


Cover artwork for the single Desire by Alive.


Let’s Work Together